MultiversX welcomes the best DeFi strategies

With JewelSwap, we empower the MultiversX community to participate in the first Peer-to-pool Lending Liquidity Protocol, Leveraged Yield Farming and Dual-Token Liquid staking experience.

Take a look at what we've accomplished.


Smart Contract code lines


NFT collections

11.1k EGLD

Lending & Borrow TVL


Major features

Our values.

Blockchain is decentralised. Our values, too.

Community driven.

We are driven the community and always strive to bring the most appreciated & original communities directly to JewelSwap.


Our lending protocol is written 100% in Smart Contract. We do not believe in partially centralised options (both in programming code & lending mechanics).

Open to everyone.

Anyone can lend their EGLD directly in our dApp. A single wallet connect and you can start earning attractive rewards of 103-237% APY.

Constantly evolving.

We focus on building first and only then spreading our message. By being on the forefront of DeFi it is our obligation to deliver updates every 2 weeks.

Meet the team behind JewelSwap.

We hope you found familiar faces!



Viktor Vostrikov

Viktor Vostrikov

Co-Founder & CBDO
Kent Arai

Kent Arai

Co-Founder & Head of Blockchain
James Chen

James Chen

Lead Blockchain Developer


Ambassador & Community Manager