Trade, Earn, Lend and Borrow with NFTs & $EGLD

Aim to be leading NFT x DeFi decentralized, permissionless protocol in MultiversX. Now with Leveraged Yield Farming!

Consisting of top NFT collections in MultiversX

Borrow instantly up to 50% of the NFT Valuation.

Choose your NFTs from our list of supported collections collateral and get a decentralized, permissionless instant loan powered by Smart Contract.

3 borrowing payment plans (1-7 days)
Interest rate from as low as 0.5%
Platform liquidation ratio - 50%

Unlimited Lending up to 26% APY*

*APY is subject to change and depends on factors including the type of payment plans, loan utilization rate, monthly compounding of rewards, etc.

8.6+ EGLD

Accumulated rewards

~15 seconds

Transaction speed

21 days

Lock period

30 days

Rewards distribution duration

Create Liquidity Pools for instant-swap between NFTs <> EGLD.

Set starting price and parameters of bonding curve whereby price changes with every asset bought and sold.

Linear & exponential bonding curves
Configurable delta for maximum yield
Platform fee of only 1%

Try JewelSwap today

Join MultiversX and start benefiting from your NFTs by unlocking liquidity for your immediate needs. Reinvest newly-found liquidity for additional growth.

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